Video 1- How to Make Sourdough Bread. 
Regular Sourdough Recipe | 2 Boules (900g ea loaf) or 3 Baguettes (600g ea)

100g Active Sourdough Starter
700 g Purified Water
1000g Bread Flour
14g Sea Salt
Day 1
Method... Add 700g water in largest bowl you own, Add 100g starter… mix with fingers, will look milky, once combined. Add 1000g bread flour (I use King Arther), Add 14g salt. Mix with fingers till saggy and sticky. Cover with plastic, wait 30-45 min. Stretch and pull inside the container, 15-20 stretches wait 30-40 min, Stretch and pull, 15-20 stretches again, wait 30-40 min, Stretch and pull, 15-20 stretches again, wait 30-40 min, Stretch and pull, 15-20 stretches again, do 3-4 of the stretches total…
If you don’t do the stretches and pulls, you can also just leave alone after the first mixing it will still work out perfect… this is a no kneed method… its fool proof!
Sometimes I do, 1 stretch and pull sometimes, I do them all sometimes, not at all… Cover w plastic wrap and let proof over night 10 -12 hrs (or till doubled)
Notes… I feed my starter around 2 or 3 pm (depends on the temp of your kitchen… if your kitchen is cooler then 75 degrees you may need to feed your starter closer to noon) you want to make the recipe when your starter has reached its highest point of doubling (before it starts to drop) this is the most active point of the starter… Once starter doubled make the recipe (for me this is around bedtime, around 10 pm)
Day 2
First thing in the morning check your dough, if it has doubled then its time to portion and shape. Dump dough on a floured countertop, using a bench knife cut in have, roughly 900 g ea half. (Refer to the day 2 video) fold sides of dough inward to the center, flip over and let rest for about 10 min.
Shape dough to fit your proofing basket, using rice flour, dust the inside of your proofing basket, place your dough ball in basket cover with plastic, and place in refrigerator to cold retard for minimum 2 hours. 
Pre-heat oven to 500 degrees, (Referring to Day 2 video) dump out bread baskets on to parchment paper, score using a bread lame (razor blade), then lower into dutch oven or baking vessel, cover with oven safe lid. Bake at 500, for 20 min, then lower temperature to 445, remove lid, bake uncovered for 20-25 more mins. or till golden brown. 
To check if your bread is done baking, you can knock on the bottom of the loaf, it should sound hallow, or using a meat thermometer, the internal temperature should be 190-210 degrees. 
Place on cooling rack and wait 45-60 min before slicing... if you can... enjoy, never by store bought bread again! XOXO - Cypress